Stormy weather

Posted on August 30, 2012

Categories: Magic

It was a long-held belief that witches could influence the weather.

I could certainly have done with some magical assistance last weekend, when we had an almighty thunderstorm which seemed to be situated on top of our house. Speech was rendered pointless by the thunder, our electricity fizzed and died, and our telephone and internet connections have not been the same since. We have power again, and a fragile hold on the web, but some celestial switchboard now decides which phone calls make it through to us, and which do not. Some callers are allowed to leave messages, others are cut off after a single, curt ring. All I can say to anyone attempting to telephone us is sorry, please don't take it personally if you can't get through, and no, it's not me hanging up on you!

The lightning was stupendous. Great swathes of sky bleached white and then forks stabbing into the hillside. My children waited excitedly for what they thought was called 'sheep' lightning. Well, we do live in Wales.

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