The Found Things Series

Four books in my magical time travelling series. Have you ever wondered about the stories behind curios and antiques? Who did they matter to? Who held them? What tumultuous events in history were they witness to? Our doughty time traveller, Xanthe Westlake, is about to find out.

Witch Books

All my books featuring witches. You’ll discover magic and strong, exceptional women in Celtic Wales, the fourteenth century, the sixteen hundreds including the English Civil War, Victorian London, Edwardian Britain, Belgium during World War I, and rural lives in the modern day.

Detective Gretel

Set in 18th century Bavaria, this new series of crime-fantasy books for adults follows the adventures of Gretel (yes, that Gretel), who is now 35, still living with her brother Hans, grown very large, and working as a Private Detective.

Hecate Cavendish

Coming soon…

Meet Paula

After nine years of submissions, learning my craft, selling short stories, and taking a Masters Degree in creative writing, I found a publisher for my first novel. ‘Book of Shadows’ (as it then was) was taken up by Snowbooks, a wonderful, small press who had a rare open submissions policy.


Reading Guides

Here’s where you’ll find the reading guides for most of my books, with background information about the stories, and questions to hopefully spark lots of debate among Book Groups!