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Paula & Trevor Brackston

The Witch’s Knight

Note from the Author

Action, romance and magic combine in our first collaboration!

In Book One of the White Shadow Trilogy, the story moves between 11th century Wales and present day London. Gwen is born to a noble family in the Welsh mountains, unaware of her true magical identity. When her village is attacked by Norman soldiers her life is forever changed and she must accept her new role to save those she loves. It is as she embraces her place among the witches of the White Shadow that she meets the man who will risk everything to protect her.

In dangerous modern times, Tudor’s life is threatened when his own destiny unfolds. It is only as the world shifts towards darkness that the true extent of his purpose, and his connection to the past, is revealed.

In a love story that survives the centuries, the two must put duty first. The  Shifting would see evil take hold, and all that is good will be lost. The witch and her knight stand on the tipping point of that balance.

 Writing “The Witch’s Knight” with my brother, Trevor, was tremendous fun! Years of telling each other stories worked in our favour. We were both swept along by the adventures our characters went on, resulting in a dramatic, gritty, exciting story. We look forward to writing book two!

Trevor Brackston grew up in the Black Mountains of Wales above the village of Cwmdu. It was the perfect environment to spark a wild imagination. After retiring from a career as a pilot, Trevor retrained to become a Police Officer and later worked as a Private Investigator. He also fulfilled an ambition to live on a sailboat and it was during this time that he worked together with Paula on ‘The Witch’s Knight’.

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