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Posted on October 12, 2012

Categories: What Passes For Real Life, Writing

The Sharp-eyed Susies among you will have spotted two new objects on the homepage, namely the cobweb and the key. 

As you might expect, these take you to two new pages.

The cobweb will get you to the Links page. Here I plan to put useful and interesting sites you can visit if the spirit moves you to do so. These might include writers' blogs, artists, photographers, and all manner of people and places.

The key will get you to the Extras page. I'll flag these up on the blog as they go up, but should be quite a mix of things, such as book trailers, location images, research materials, perhaps even recipes I have come across while writing my books.

So, right now both pages are full of nothing more than expectation. Give me a little time and I'll post stuff where it should be.

Am within sprinting distance of the end of the first decent draft of my latest novel, so everything else is having to wait a while. Bear with me....




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