Posted on March 21, 2013

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As promised, here are the lyrics to the song Siwsann George sings so beautifully on the book trailer for The Winter Witch (which can be found on the Extras page). Welsh first, English translation below:


Dwedwch fawrion o wybodaeth, O ba beth a gwnaethpwd hiraeth. A pha ddefnydd a roed ynddo, na ddarfyddo wrth ei wisgo?

Derfydd aur a derfydd arian, derfydd melfed derfydd sidan. Derfydd pob dilledyn helaeth, eto er hyn ni dderfydd hiraeth.

Hiraeth mawr a hiraeth creulon. Hiraeth sydd yn torri 'nghalon. Pan fwyf dryma'r nos yn cysgu fe ddaw hiraeth ac a'm deffry.

Hiraeth hiraeth cilia cilia, paid a phwyso more drwm arna'. Nesa dipyn at y erchwyn gad i me gael cysgu gronyn.


Tell me oh wise ones of what stuff is hiraeth made? And what substance is put into it that it never fades from being worn?

Gold fades and silver fades. Velvet fades, silk fades. Every sort of clothing fades, and yet hiraeth doesn't fade.

Great hiraeth, cruel hiraeth. Hiraeth tears at my heart. When I'm sleeping deeply at night, hiraeth comes and wakes me.

Hiraeth, hiraeth, away, away. Don't weigh so heavily on me. Go a little nearer to the edge, let me have a little bit of sleep.


So there you go, now you can sing along. The closest we can come to a translation of the word 'hiraeth' is 'longing' mixed with 'homesickness'.





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