Brackston’s Bean Boggling Bookish Bits Part I

We will be starting a new weekly tradition! The catchy name we have come up with is ‘Brackston’s Bean Boggling Bookish Bits’ or ‘BBBBB’ for short. A phrase of mine that I use frequently is ‘boggled my beans!’, meaning something similar to blowing my mind. The idea of this is simple, I will put a few sentences from one of Mum’s books on the post and you lovely lot have to guess which book it’s from. Bonus points for page number. I will then edit the post the following week with the answer. Here is today’s quote:

‘‘I came in search of work’’ she replied. ‘‘I am a singer. I was hoping to find employment in one of the music halls.’’ She waited to see how  the woman would react to this news. A music hall singer, a woman who disported herself upon the stage for the entertainment of others, could often be viewed as little more respectable than a prostitute. She was pleased to see no sign of judgement in her expression.’

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