Brackston’s Bean Boggling Bookish Bits Part II

As it is Wednesday, it is time for ‘Brackston’s Bean Boggling Bookish Bits’!

‘‘Here we have it,’’ he said. ‘‘Aha, yes … in tolerable condition except for the stone. Scalpel, if you please, Nurse Morrison. Thank you. Now, a small amount of cutting is all that is needed … yes … and here … Damnation!’’ Abruptly the doctor stopped cutting. As he straightened up, a fountain of deepest crimson spouted up from the abdominal cavity. In a second, it fanned into a plume, spraying the nurse with glistening arterial blood.’

Thank you to everyone that had a stab at last weeks passage. It was great to see that everyone knew it was in the ‘Found Things’ series. However, the clue was that music halls were not invented until 1852 and would mean that this passage has to be from ‘City of Time and Magic’!

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