Giveaway Winner!

Favourite animal competition results.

Pie in the Found Things Series

Last month I asked you to choose your favourite animal from one of my stories. Thank you for your entries! I enjoyed hearing who you loved and why. Little Pie the Whippet was a popular choice.

The Winter Witch has the most animals in it by far!

The two Corgis in The Winter Witch, Bracken and Meg, were also front runners.

A gorgeous Pembroke Corgi

Far and away the most popular choice, however was Aloysius, Tegan’s clever little white mouse in The Witch’s Daughter and The Return of the Witch.


I named him after the teddy bear in Evelyn Waugh’s book, Brideshead Revisited.

A squeaky drumroll for the winner…

Rochelle Hickey! Congratulations – you get to pick any book of mine for a signed copy.

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Judy Nappa
Judy Nappa
5 months ago

Congratulations, Rochelle!!

Rochelle Hickey
Rochelle Hickey
Reply to  Judy Nappa
5 months ago

Thank you!

Rochelle Hickey
Rochelle Hickey
5 months ago

Thank you so much, Paula!