Inglenook – Today’s word is featured in ‘The Witch’s Daughter’ when describing the 17th century worker’s cottage that Bess grew up in with her family. The house is very similar to the first home my family and I lived in. It was a gorgeous 14th century farmhouse with its very own inglenook. I spoke more on 17th century cottages in my most recent excerpt on our monthly newsletter. If you haven’t already, you can sign up to it via the website, then you will receive March’s upcoming newsletter.

Origins – A space on either side of a large fireplace. “An inglenook or chimney corner is a recess that adjoins a fireplace. The word comes from “ingle”, an old Scots word for a domestic fire (derived from the Gaelic aingeal), and “nook”. The inglenook originated as a partially enclosed hearth area, appended to a larger room.”

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