Life Lessons. Life of PA Part Four

This week’s Life of PA blog will be focusing on the newsletters, social media and the Level 3 Personal Assistant Diploma that I am currently working my way through alongside working two jobs! Those topics may seem mundane but they are a vital part of what I do. They say that if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it and it will be done promptly and that is definitely how I work. I prefer to keep myself busy as I seem to have a very busy mind. I like to tell myself that I have the same type of mind as Mum, chaotic but creative and always thinking of those little things that people never usually consider. That being said, there are only a limited number of hours in a day and days in a week to fit so much into. I have found that as I get older, time flies when I don’t want it to and drags when I want to time skip forward. As a child, everything felt so slow, happy and reassuring. Nevertheless, I usually seem to fit everything into a week relatively well. A message that this course reinforces quite frequently is about managing your time properly to optimise productivity. So far, I feel that different types of time management to suit different people and different work drives should be suggested. I feel lucky that I work well when I use endless lists that only I can decrypt, many different calendars, colour coding and labelling everything as it is an easy and accessible method of time management.

Live action image of me at work!

  The start of this course focuses on the hierarchy of the workplace and asks quite a few questions about the importance of managers. Many of the questions ask about my own personal experiences with a workplace hierarchy and where I fit into the mix. As my work for Mum is a unique work setting, I answer these questions based around my old job. I used to work for the largest dog grooming company in the UK so I have quite a good insight into very corporate hierarchies and how they treat the ‘little man’. This course is ten self-study modules with a lot of content and questions. I chose one that was self-study so I have more freedom to pick it up when I have the time to do so. It also means I do not feel a huge amount of pressure from time or a tutor and it can be worked around my sporadic rotas. Doing a course on top of two jobs and daily life has stresses but is also quite rewarding!

He looks how I feel!

  Once a month we will be releasing a newsletter out to people who have signed up. If you are not already signed up, scroll down to the bottom of this page and you will see a box to enter your email into. Obviously, finish my intriguing blog on my course, newsletters and website first! My section of the newsletter is called: Skyla Investigates: Book-Inspired Historical Nuggets. I will be focusing on completely random historical or book related topics. My main aim is to not only teach you lovely readers something new, but to also learn something myself. That is why I will be picking subjects that I know little to nothing about. Every day is a learning day and I plan on including as many people in that as I can. My current reassuring phrase is: If it’s not a win, it’s a lesson. In this household, we have our daily news article and fact of the day. I find that even a small piece of learning similar to that every day helps to prevent me from getting into a repetitive path of thinking. Every day I do a three-minute lesson on Duolingo learning Welsh. It seems to be helping me discipline myself into completing it every day to get that silly ‘streak’ trophy at the end of each week. However, growing up in Wales and having a slightly lacklustre understanding of the language does help me ever so slightly.

Duo checking I don’t break my 90 day streak!

  To us it is important to hear feedback from our wonderful readers. So, if I may ask a few questions. What kind of blogs do you prefer from me? More personal and ‘day in the life’ type blogs or more specifically personal assistant related blogs? I like to try and meld the two to create a balance and hopefully attend to everyone’s different interests. Later this year there will be more content based around turning the Found Things series into a television series! That means a whole lot more content based around filming and all the nitty-gritty bits that go with it. That being said, would everyone like to see more images of my life with Mum? As mentioned in a Facebook post of mine, pictures speak a thousand words and I know it can be fascinating to see how different people’s daily lives unfold. Is there anything content wise that you would like to see from either or both of us? We are very welcoming to constructive criticism and ideas. Afterall, even if you may not agree with someone’s opinions or ideas, that can still help you to think more about what it is you do actually like.

Ready to jot down new ideas!
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4 months ago

A good mixture of it all is mho. Really looking forward to the lost things tv blogs. So exciting for you and for us readers who love the books X