New Beginnings – Life of PA Part Seven

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Welcome back my lovely peeps, it has been quite a while since my last ‘Life of PA’. In the time before the last, I have spent a lot of time sorting my little life out. I tend to call it ‘adulting’ but in reality, it’s just life. New beginnings seem to be my hobby. Mum has gained another sweet whippet called Moriarty (see in my arms above). He is such a big presence for such a small creature and Tigerlily is still feeling her way with him. They have just reached the stage of zooming in and out of the house at high speeds, flattening anything and everything in their path.

Tigerlily still has her moments of needing to put him in his place when he decides to crawl on top of her and chew her ears when she is trying to sleep. He will be having his first away-from-home outing on Sunday to a nearby puppy park. Here’s hoping this calms him down at least marginally!

Dutch – The Stair that Stares

Our Star, Tigerlily

Whilst Mum and Dad were having a merry time in London before picking up little Mori, I was in charge of the star of the show, Tigerlily. She and my kitten, Dutch, have always been good friends. Despite Dutch only being 10 months old at the time, he is not far off the size of Lily, making him a great bouncing companion. Miss TL works to a routine that Mum has set her to over the years and that works great when you have the time to mould everything you know and love around her but God forbid you need to do anything else! I’m kidding. Well, half kidding. Her wonderful presence makes up for the lack of being able to go to the local Premier without a meltdown.

The Cat Tree Blossoms!

Kitties, Kitties and More Kitties!

Now, looking at the photo above our long-standing readers may be confused by the black and white kitten. Although he looks identical (bar the white tusk and addition of non-singed eyebrows) to our beloved Ticket, this is in fact a different cat. I always had the intention of getting Dutch a friend when I moved into my new house, in other words, getting my cat a cat. When I saw this fella, I fell in love immediately. Not only does he look like our much missed Ticket, but he behaves exactly like her! It’s a confusing and wonderful feeling to have your childhood cat reunited with you in a way. He was also born just a week after Tickie had died, which made me knew he was the right one for me.

His name is … drum roll please … Squid! Because, well, of course it had to be something weird. He is a special little guy and so deserved an equally special name. Squid and Dutch have been getting on so well and I could not be more proud of Dutch for his tolerance level. He’s been very used to being my only kitten so has been an absolute superstar to deal with sharing. I find them sleeping entangled and washing each other. Soon they will have a cat-proofed garden to go chase moths and eek-eek at birds in. Within the next few weeks, we will be having one of Tad’s greybies, Daisy, stay with us for the next year or so until he finds his own place. So, prepare for lots of kitty content!

Grinning so much my face hurts

Bricks and Mortar

Now I must unfortunately take the focus off animals for a moment to announce something incredibly important (to me at least). I have bought my very own house! This will be my first time living alone, paying for everything myself and creating a space that caters to my own wants and needs. This house is everything I imagined it to be and so much more, it’s more than just bricks and mortar. It marks a new chapter in my life that cannot be taken away from me by anyone. I waffle about new beginnings a lot but this is the most significant one to me. It’s my time to be responsible, be the best version of myself and get a grip (finally). I feel incredibly lucky to have had such a wonderful support system around me who have had to deal with all the tears and freak outs with the good bits sprinkled amongst it all. Soppy and emotional, yadda yadda.

Having the literal space for creative freedom means I will be putting my all into the new beginnings of my PA work. Lots of exciting up comings in the near future and we are both incredibly thrilled to be sharing the journey with you all. I am lucky to be a part of Mum’s wonderful writerly world, long may it continue.

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Beverly Short
26 days ago

Congratulations on your new home, Skyla! And a wonderful creative space it shall be. May it be filled with awe and wonderful pools of creative spirit in every nook and cranny.
I’m looking forward to meeting you in September!
Until then, be well and happily independent.