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Receiving reviews and feedback quote

Receiving reviews and feedback from well known book news sources always boosts your confidence, especially when continuing a series. To see that people carry on enjoying your content as it morphs and changes over time is a fantastic feeling. Personally, I have only experienced feedback from our lovely audience and that is enough to boost my ego! I know Mum spends a large portion of time researching different historical elements. From major events down to what coloured hat pins were common at the time, historical accuracy is vital. A segment of my job is to research different bits of history such as The Reading Room in London or the process of making stained glass in the Victorian era. I love then receiving reviews and feedback from Mum, then seeing the research implemented. Today’s quote is from The Garden of Promises and Lies. Click the image to go to the website page to discover more about the book.

Click the image to go to the US Amazon page!

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