A Day in the Life. Life of PA Part Five

A day in the life

Welcome back to Life of PA!  It has been a minute since my last blog. Life has been very busy with a combination of both good and bad events, but busy nonetheless. I wanted to touch upon some more specific parts of my personal assistant role. Not only a day in the life, but rather a week or so. I have started doing a new tradition called Word of the Week where I snatch a word either from one of Mum’s books, one that has some relevance to what I have been doing recently or just a word that I like the sound of. I find these types of posts have been incredibly good for engaging and involving our lovely readers. For example, last week’s word was ‘Home‘. This encouraged people to tell us personal tales of where they grew up. Additionally, stories of the different significant people in their lives that create their idea of ‘Home’.

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Time Management for a Day in the Life

As mentioned in my previous blog, time management is vital for a day in the life of a personal assistant. Not only do I have to try and manage my own time, but another very busy persons too. I find some weeks to be easier to organise and others get away from me just as the week starts. A job that involves a lot of thinking and planning is quite new to me. I am very much used to go to work at the same time every day, do my hours and list, come home and not have a second thought about it. That being said, this type of job allows me not just the freedom to pick away at things when an idea springs to mind. It also allows me to expand my knowledge and use different parts of my brain that had seemingly been lying dormant since college!

Another major part of my job is managing various social media platforms. With each passing month I seem to be expanding to another one, who knew there were so many? Next up on my list is YouTube, which is incredibly daunting. This means that you lovely people will get to see and hear Mum and I in all our glory soon. Please be gentle with criticism as I am very much used to hiding behind words on a screen!

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Hobbies and Day to Day

A part of my job that is as important as social media is the small daily tasks. By that I mean cleaning the office, sorting the filing or ordering various family members’ prescriptions etc. These things are vital to Mum’s day and when put together, take up a lot of precious writing time. By taking up at least a portion of the slack for these, she has more time to focus her wonderful mind on the bigger things. Mum has also taken up the new hobby of playing the piano now that she has a bit more time after writing. For anyone, I feel it is so important to create a work life balance to have time to do something that either stimulates or relaxes your mind. My current obsession is any type of Lego. I find it helps me to relax and provides me with a sense of achievement as I have created something lovely to display. What is your favourite fiddly hobby?

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